We are a group of DIYScene Team members whose goal is to better the world in which we live by donating our individual items to this shop.
All proceeds from the sales out of this shop will be directly donated to the featured charity.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Featured Donor: Angry Girl Gear!

1. How would you describe your work/style?

Something like a black and metal cacophony of what the f.uck....

2. What inspired you to start creating and selling your work?

I needed money to fuel my online buying habit

3. What are your favorite causes/charities?

I prefer charities that help animals, especially no-kill shelters.

4. Where else can we find your work?

Online at www.angrygirlgear.com; on Etsy at www.angrygirlgear.etsy.com; and in a big pile of unfiished pieces on my cutting table...

1 comment:

  1. If only everyone that wanted to start selling stuff to keep on buying had your talent...

    I love my AngryGirl Gear!!